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Cleanse your home and office with our Orgone Geoclense Home Harmoniser - create an environment free from unhealthy Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).


The Geoclense is a negative ion resonance generator designed to balance positive ion resonance, otherwise known as noxious, unhealthy energy created by all forms EMR, EMF, wi-fi, etc to a potentially healthier negative ion resonance.  The Geoclense also balances the harmful resonance created by radio frequency and microwave radiation energy emitted from Smart Meters.    Positive ion resonance (unhealthy energy) is naturally created by EMR, RF and earth radiation, creating Geopathic stress in our organs.  Geopathic stress within a building puts the body’s nervous system and organs under resonant stress, which may contribute to unhealthy cell growth and a compromised immune system.  Oxygen levels within a building are also depleted with these unhealthy energies and they can be completely harmonised with a Geoclense installed.

To activate the Geoclense, simply plug it in to any power point and turn on the switch (it doesn't use any power).  It’s compact design makes it easy to take with you when going to work or travelling.  

Size: 4.5 cm x 9.5 cm


examples: Freshwater Place, Southbank Melbourne - harmonised all 59 levels, including numerous Smart Meters

Primary School on the Mornington Pensinsula - area of approx 10 acres harmonised

Country property near Castlemain, Victoria - approx 12 acres harmonised.
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