Homedics Sound Spa Portable


Help your baby develop good sleep routines early! It's a fact that white noise machines are supported by sleep consultants all over the world - Babies and children sleep better with "White Noise"!



This popular portable noise machine -

- Helps settle your baby to sleep with 6 different soothing sounds with Auto-off time or Constant sound. Sounds featured are Heart beat, White noise, Thunder, Ocean, Summer Night, River Brook

- Helps your baby sleep longer, and wake less as the machine blocks out excess environmental noise. 



The Homedics Sound Spa Portable is a high quality portable device that plays relaxing sounds, that provides a comforting sleep environment for babies, toddlers and older children at home or on the go.

The Volume is easily adjusted and goes from whisper quiet through to strong and powerful sounds. Adjust as you require.

Electric and battery powered.

Get your Homedics Sound Spa Portable now and get a FREE GIFT of either a beautiful colour or number board book, to read to your little one at bedtime.

 Box Contains -

- Homedics Sound Spa Portable

- Australian AC/DC Cable

- English Instruction Manual


Power and Requirements -

- Both electric and battery powered - your choice!

- AC Input 220-240V/DC Output 6V

- Use with 4 AA batteries (due to Aust Post regulations, the batteries cannot be included)

- 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Why can't I just use an app on the phone?

Lots of customers began using sound apps on their phone but found it was too inconvenient having the phone or I-pad in the child's room.  Our Homedics machines were a simple, cost-effective and useful choice.  Also, there are some health concerns about radiation with phone and I-pads in children's room, even in 'flight mode'.

Will my child become addicted to the sound?

Unlikely, and sleep experts agree that there is little to worry about.  These machines are NOT being used as a 'sleep prop' - like a dummy, or being rocked, patted or sung to, which requires a parent to initiate.  When you're ready to wean your child off the machine, simply turn the volume down a little every night until your not using the sound at all. 

Extra Information

Thank you for understanding that this machine is not a "magic overnight fix" for sleep issues. Like any good sleep routine, it requires commitment and consistency. But the long term benefits are so worth it.  Like so many children, your child will come to love the soothing sounds and lights of this machine - a signal of restful night's sleep ahead. 

Please be aware of other retailers selling this product on Ebay or from sites based in America or China. That unit will come with the wrong electrical plug and the postage charges are very expensive. This product is the genuine Australian device from our Australian distributor, with a safety approved, Australian electrical plug.

 Product ships direct from supplier.




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